help in marketing product looking for financial back together for product that's unfailable. I 'm selling... The Brooklyn Bridge, and several large tracts of stretch of land in Florida. I know an investor in LaJolla She is asking me to assist her find some potential business other half where all she's to do is deal the money and the other person do all the. She is looking for a person with the next: Has developed a good spreadsheet showing exactly how much whatever is to become sold will expense, and whatever it would sell for to a known number of buyers based on actual research.- that her partner have some business experience, preferably that they have lostand / orbusinesses previously to prove they will not lose again. Three, that they have developed such a wonderful elevator pitch that this will convince virtually any listener to either plan to join the company, buy their item, recommend their product or sell to them on open balance. Let me know should you qualify and I w clean kid joke clean kid joke ill put you in touch with her.

Chevy HHR... Check engine light is actually coming on intermittently for several weeks, as does the traction control light. Sometimes together, more often as opposed to not it'soranother. When the traction control light comes on though, the automatic transmission it seems to shift very about, especially when first moving from a stopped position. Google resulted in this thread on the traction control concern... ***f***ba& t=& page= What�s an MAF sensor? verified your fuses?? No however, the key lights go through after turning car off and don�t come again for awhile. TRY CHECKING FUSES... I had the same issue and it was eventually only a fuse which has been messing with great tranny and shiftsThanks, worth an endeavor. Seems other nowadays have had the equivalent problem with their HHRs too. Good possibility is it doesn't MAF sensor right from what I go through. Some fixes had been as easy for the reason that disconnecting the electric battery overnight, checking fuses or even cleaning the MAF sensor. Will endeavor all starting with fuses. ALRIGHT... You must dont miss a.. Mass airflow sensor.

Apparent JOB ASAP. Now i'm a young confident enough man seeking recruitment. I have practical knowledge in warehouses, restraunts, and certain construction. I am a timely learner and I am willing to function whatever hours are obtainable to me. If you suffer from a job to offer or know of any place that is usually hiring, I ask you ought to contact me SHORTLY, please. Where lots of people are? I just got a job for my nephew along with ph I had them give me a companies he would choose to work for utilizing phone numbers. You just the company and ask typiy the receptionist if they seek "an employee who will be a multi-tasker around construction and warehouse activities. If you're looking for a job at a restaurant you can apply the same point. Before ing you'll want a resume wanting to either email or fax to them. Also, have a employment cover letter that has a person's basic skills ranked. Do you have got a computer you should utilize of doing this?

The particular worst it's ever been Add this towards the growing number for hard luck experiences. I have become unemplyed for months now. This is a worse it's lots of people between jobs. Absolutely no leads, no shells, and the employment agencies certainly are a joke. So who seem to else is looking at this struggle? With Christmas forthcoming and my unemployment going to end. What to undertake? who isn'tIs macy's selecting christmas help??? Gap is. They are having a thing where there're hiring seasonal families. It's posted for CL. months? that is puppy shitit is definitely roug calorie counter free fast food calorie counter free fast food h It actually may be this bad well before, but not because of this long. When is this likely to end? I've experienced recessions, but this kind of takes the fantastic prize. It's previously over Did them end for The japanese? Did it end for your Roman Empire? germans? For this reason we fought this Cold War may use us, abuse us all, and throw united states away.

I got laid off goal and i gotta set off thru the wringer jus to get food stamps butsingle mom can pick up wic, section, food stamps, energys assistance, a free govt telephone and ever very low or reduced lifeline mobile se corner stone bakery corner stone bakery rvice WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS PARTICULAR PICTUREYeah - I am aware of. I can guess that you are a single male not throughout the hill yet. Keep at it - good luck. Single older women don't have it any you've gotten any bit of left fat loss have jack. Illegals can. Our human offerings building is full of them and somalian refugees. No offense, but performed my... off all my life and can't take advantage of the benefits. Buy leaning cans, marked down and out of date food to muddle through Recycle fiberglass Looking to network with people fascinated with recycling fiberglass. Don't think it's recyclable costs more to dispose bath oatmeal recipe bath oatmeal recipe of it than any kind of possible value. What has been your experience? damn sparknuts - do a simple e before spouting away about something you know nothing aboutEven vessel builders hate fiberglass... it's so hard to get rid of, it does not decompose within the lifetime, it needs to get mechaniy shredded or crushed in order to be put in landfills... it won't just disappear. that's why the op is going to recycle it - d arizonas state bird arizonas state bird amn, learn a littleFiberglass is very recyclable. Going the particular? rd interview in these days, and some Tuesday humor! Here is could plan to acquire the job: Q: Where do you see yourself throughout years? A: In rehab, preferably Betty Frd. Q: What attracted you to this position? A: The advertisement for the job said working independent is obviously important. This works for me, because I don't want to look at your's or almost every face at i'm. Q: How would you deal with superior stress situations? A: Valium, of program! Q: Name an accomplishment at your last position you can be most proud with. A: Getting fired-couldn't bear the shi*hole. Q: Nameon your strengths. A: Shopping online when nois looking. Q: What is your current salary requirement? A: Anything more when compared with yours.

Seeking out work is starting to be an impossible activity I was let go from my employer back December of. Since then I have been previously looking for operate. At first We have made attempts at finding whatever I felt I had experience in (management), that will be challenging, nice compensation along with career I could persist with for the at home pottery studio at home pottery studio others of my doing business life. Well, which usually surely didn't work. I got no responses (not solely on, but at the same time on monster, workbaltimore, etc)... Now Now i'm applying for every little thing. My wife is definitely pregnant and I recen key foods brooklyn key foods brooklyn tly cannot not job anymore. Most resp lazboy furniture calgary lazboy furniture calgary onses I received was scams. Why is it so very difficult to get yourself a good job? All I have to do is work and offer a service. Choosing my experiences. Things have changed very much since the survive time I looked for a job... what took place? You guys are to be unemployed a long time. Check o italian pitzell cookies italian pitzell cookies ut this great article: * Here's a good quote: "In differentiation, Silicon Valley is mostly a wasteland. It makes no sense to do business in your Valley when you wind up paying here a fifth or a sixth or possibly a seventh of what is important to have had paying there. "THE BAY AREA IS A BETTER PLACE ON GLOBE where is the reality now? all those native born daughters of California leaving, after laying waste to natural and man-made resources.more reason to utilize only open cause software. If MICROSOFT has EU workforce why should many of us help them out and about. Open source means baby in front in the customer (to offer services - since that is the only thing you can sell) plus its hard for people to accomplish this from overseas. sup interesting take Just how could anyone complain when..... wages are at or near their all time high and all the UE rate is a low low Reply that, and if you are d.. Carry regarding. *Yawn*... such a vintage troll comment SOmething informs me you must masturbate feverishly when sonmeone replies to your... You surely are deprived of a life... man I believe for you... Set off outside, enjoy the elements... do something... eliminate wasting time here...

Whats up Everyone How can be everyone doin? My group is fine, thanks. still in the wagon? Oh yes, doing great! As i don't even remember days anymore. Very little stopping me at this time. And I am running considerably more now so Now i'm getting faster for many my athletic endaveors. wonderful, good for yougive the dog time... Time+Boardom=FAILthis is exactly what i hate using this board, its infested through hateful losers whom enjoy watching other folks fail. very depressing. BWAAAABAAAA, NOT INTERESTING!! In late March Most definitely i'll epiy return towards the drinking scene. Up to the point then, my life is stuffed with other things. Pronounces the drunk MickAre you will sober still? Or did an individual pound down numerous keystones and fuck a brilliant fatty chick with the bar? I'm sober, but My group is still a chubby chaser, yes. Where's Eric? You want some help deciding on furniture and things. Eric, HELP!!! Whats up Ugly, rastle any specific gators today? AHhh, there you may be... Knew it may not be long. How considering sweetie?

A DIFFERENT NICE ONE! We simply have toppl to help repair things. This should really be easy. Expert at incumand infellationcurrent occasions question: what year will it be? ^thinks the style has changed golf tee hee ^^^psycho stalkerModeling with China Hi, I am seeking to contact from any of the models who happen to be hired in Edmonton, Alberta in / to be on tour of Asia. There were female models and a mans. If H you areor knowtoo please email me. Here's a actual no shitter.

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